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Description Why? Dosage Why not?
Vitamin B6 Supports the nervous system in preventing peripheral neuropathy. Evidence of prevention of Palmar/Plantar.
Used during chemo cycle and 1 month after.
2 times/day
Avoid if you are diabetic or epileptic. Overdose could cause nerve damage.
Vitamin B12 Supports the nervous system in preventing peripheral neuropathy.
Used during chemo cycle and 1 month after.
1200mg slow release tabs
2 times/day
Patients with rare eye disease Lebers should not use.
Alpha-Lipoic Acid Supports the nervous system in preventing peripheral neuropathy.
Used during chemo cycle and 1 month after.
3 times/day
Vitamin D Many studies supporting cancer prevention and good health. 3000mg
3 times/day
Organic Flaxseed Reduced the severity and spread of ovarian cancer in preliminary studies. Puchase whole and grind at home. 2 tbsps/day -
Omega - 3 Capsules Anti-inflammatory, increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs. Very positive improvements have been seen in patients with cachexia. 2000mg taken
4 times per day.
Up to 1.5g per day in patients with advanced disease.
Curcumin (not turmeric) must contain Piperine Advanced studies are underway showing that curcumin inhibits ovarian cancer growth. 2000mg
4 times/day
1 tsp/day
Take with food and roughage. Could cause constipation.
Catechin Active ingredient in green tea responsible for its anti-cancer properties. 1 tsp/day Catechin is the purest form of the beneficial ingredient in green tea and should be used sparingly.
Cinnamon Proven to be able to disrupt the angiogenetic development of new blood vessels and may therefore maintain microtumours. Reduces estrogen synthesis. 1 tsp/day -
Powdered Maitake, Shiitake (organic) Lentinan in shiitake and polysaccharide in maitake cause strong increase in white blood cells, improving the effectiveness of chemo. Strong anti-cancer activity, stimulates immune system. 1 tbsp/day each -
Probiotic All-Flora powder Immune support - 75% of your immune cells are concentrated in the digestive tract. 1 tsp/day -
Maca Immune support 2 tsps
2 times/week
Bee Pollen Complete food rich in protein, amino acids. One of nature's perfect foods. 1 tbsp/day -
Hemp Protein Organic Urgently needed protein to supplement diet when consumption of regular meals is not possible. As needed -
Melatonin Said to decrease adverse reactions from taxane based chemo including peripheral neuropathy and also acts as a calmative. 21mg nightly -

ANY supplements or vitamins taken by you should be made known to your doctor. There may be cases where they could interfere with or be contraindicated with prescribed drugs and chemo treatments.


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