Ovarian Cancer Superfoods

"Our lives are not in the lap of the gods, but in the lap of our cooks."
~ Lin Yutang

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The very best way of supporting your cancer treatment and recovery might already be hiding in your refrigerator! Fresh, organic, and green. Nutratherapy is the term for describing the use of anti-cancer molecules found in certain foods to fight cancer cells. It is nature's chemotherapy. The Superfoods Shopping List is a summary of some of the most potent nutraceuticals known.

I also strongly advocate finding dietary supplementation in foods rather than in pill form. Whole foods contain many thousands of molecules that can act on the human organism whereas a supplement contains only one. The exception to this (in my case) is Vitamin B6, B12 and D. One could not possibly ingest the amount of food required to achieve the prescribed dosages.

I highly recommend that you read Dr. Richard Beliveau's books "Foods that Fight Cancer" and "Cooking with Foods that Fight Cancer" to find detailed explanations of each Superfood as well as some great recipes. Further information on both of these books can be found by clicking on the links below.

My everyday juicing includes any number of these fresh, organic foods:

Play with the combinations to suit your own taste. Patients diagnosed with neutropenia should exercise extra caution in washing and preparing the ingredients - in this instance, some dieticians would advise only using foods that can be peeled.

Remember that only a high quality auger-type or masticating juicer will prevent the ingredients from heating during the process. Any foods heated over 30C immediately lose their beneficial enzymes. As well, juice produced must be consumed within ½ hour or its benefits are lost. Juice may be frozen immediately with no degradation.

Cooking tip: I put the carrots and beets through the juicer first and then save their pulp to put in muffins. This provides excellent roughage which can be reconstituted by soaking the pulp in orange juice for 15 minutes.

My everyday fruit smoothie contains any combination of these Superfood ingredients:

When needed, I add my daily requirements from the Vitamins etc. list to the smoothie.

Here are some other ingredients for your grocery list that have strong cancer-fighting properties:

And saving the best 'til last:


Additional Information:

Eat to Defeat Cancer Initiative - improving health through cancer fighting foods.


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