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What is it?

Diarrhea is defined as having more than three bowel movements in a day accompanied by loose stools. It is a symptom, rather than a disease and is often induced as a result of radiation (rare in ovarian cancer treatment) or chemotherapy. Other possible causes of diarrhea include:

If you suspect your chemo is causing your diarrhea, the following guidelines suggest when to call your healthcare provider:

Conventional Wisdom:

Chemo-induced diarrhea is usually short-lived and generally resolves on its own with treatment cessation.  There are many effective over-the-counter solutions available to control moderate diarrhea.  Conditions such as those listed above which persist after self-medication should be brought to the attention of your health care provider for immediate evaluation.

Self Help:

Things you can do to minimize the effects of chemotherapy-induced diarrhea:

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