Gift Ideas for the Cancer Patient

"A hug is a great gift - one size fits all, and it's easy to exchange."
~ Author Unknown

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Our Shopping List:

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In the Hospital Flowers Check if the hospital has scent policies.
  Sleep mask To dim the bright lights of the hospital.
  Loose-fitting night-gown We don't want anything that touches our stitches or is heavy against them.
Hospital staff must be able to access IV lines, dressing and catheter.
  Pretty slippers Can't be caught wearing those worn-out, fuzzy bears in the hospital.
  Light-weight, loose-fitting bathrobe Must be easy to get in and out of with IV lines.
  Pretty headbands We won't be able to style our hair for days.
  Dry shampoo Ditto
  No rinse shampoo caps Ditto
  One-size larger bikini undies Abdomen will be swollen and high-fitting undies will irritate stitches/incision.
  Stuffed toy Someone to talk to and hug at 4:00am.
  Journal Invaluable in recording the journey.
  Blank notes/writing paper For all those thank-yous to well- wishers.
  Jewelry Bling is greatly appreciated at a time like this!
Going Home Loose-fitting stretchy sweatpants or draw-string slacks Abdomen will be swollen and tight-fitting clothing will rub against stitches/incision. Yoga wear is perfect if slightly larger than normal.
  Loose-fitting Camisole Anything tight is bothersome on the incision.
  Slip-on shoes/flip-flops/mules It will be hard to bend over to tie laces.
  Flowers Brighten someone's day!
  Jewelry Bling is greatly appreciated at a time like this!
At Home "I need you" china/brass call bell Rather than calling out for help - use a bell.
  Baby monitor So your caregiver can hear you at all times.
  Heating pad Feels fantastic on a sore tummy.
  Vitamin E / Scar cream Once the stitches are out you'll want to help the scar heal.
  Small throw pillows Needed for support against your tummy when you cough or use the washroom.
  Thermometer Everyone could use a new digital one.
  Cozy shawl , blanket Great for cuddling in front of the TV.
  Books, books, books For all purposes - healing, inspiration, self-help, nutrition, humour, etc.
  E-Reader Take all of your books and music on the go with you.
  CD's In particular Guided Meditation, Inspiration, Music. There are hours to fill positively while healing.
  Organic shampoos, conditioners, soaps & body lotions There's no time like the present to go green.
  Juicer Invaluable from here on. Go organic, go raw, go green - no turning back!
  The Wheatgrass Book & juicer Start now. Change. It's worth it.
  Wheatgrass growing kit It's easy when you know how.
  Organic green tea, high anti-oxidant teas, catechin A MUST.
  Gift certificate for a pedicure We won't be able to fuss with our toes for a while.
  Flowers Brighten someone's day!
  Jewelry Bling is greatly appreciated at a time like this!
Chemotherapy Day Chemo tote bag Great for all your "stuff" during chemo. It doubles as a gift bag.
  Cozy blanket, shawl or wrap It's always cold in the chemo suite (an anti-nausea trick), so a nice cozy shawl or wrap is a must.
  Good quality Thermos Bring your own teas/soups/beverages.
  Ipod or MP3 player Great for tuning out and relaxing.
  Organic soup, tea, etc. Drink, drink, drink - minimum 8 cups/day.
  Organic ginger cookies Perfect for anti-nausea.
  Queasy Drops Ditto
  Organic water crackers Ditto
  DVD player & movie Great to pass the time. Don't forget the movie. Books are not recommended at this time as most chemo is accompanied with drugs which make you drowsy.
  Thick, cozy socks It's always cold in the chemo suite.
  Stuffed animal Someone to share the experience with!
  Flowers Brighten someone's day!
  Jewelry Bling is greatly appreciated at a time like this!
Home Again, Home Again Hats, head scarves, sleep hats One for everyday and every occasion!
  Wigs Get more than one for fun.
  Wig care items and stands We need them all.
  Satin pillowcase/pillows Losing your hair hurts. It's more comfortable to sleep on a non-abrasive surface.
  Eyebrows and eyelashes Why not? We'll lose them too.
  Organic makeup kits Give it a try.
  Organic skin lotions Chemo dries us right out - put it on your scalp daily as well.
  Frozen wraps for hands and feet A must with Doxil. See our Palmar/Plantar page.
  Alcohol-free mouthwash Helps avoid mouth sore side effects.
  Sugar-free lemon lozenges Stimulates the saliva glands to help expel the chemo.
  Lip balm Helps dry, cracked lips.
  Aromatherapy candles - especially lavender Calming, induces sleep. Please exercise caution - do not burn aromatherapy candles if you are alone.
  Lavender sachets Put under your pillow to help sleep.
  Artificial tears Chemo dries the eyes.
  Sunscreen - SPF30+ Most chemo drugs change your skin making it sensitive to sun, so you must protect it.
  Sunglasses Protect your eyes when you have no lashes.
  Crossword puzzles, Sudoku etc. Help with chemo-brain - exercise the muscle!
  Scrabble game Ditto
  Herb growing kit & seeds Include rosemary, basil, thyme, parsley, cilantro - all on the Superfoods list.
  Crafting kits Perfect diversion for the talented.
  Flowers Brighten someone's day! (are you starting to see a pattern here?)
  Jewelry Bling is greatly appreciated at a time like this! (there seems to be a pattern here too!)
In Remission Flowers Congratulations! You made it!
  Jewelry Congratulations! You're a star!
  Certificate to try out the new yoga program We need to get in shape mentally and physically.
  Any one or more of the books under the Fitness & Nutrition category of our Recommended Reading page Now is the time to think about staying healthy and learning how to change your diet to ward off recurrence.
  Movie pass Hurray!
  Lunch for two Double hurray!
  Take an inspirational course Chopra center - Ayurvedic medicine, Meditation, Yoga etc.
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